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Dr. Marc Davis

  • "Dr. Davis has done a fabulous job of re-aligning my neck. His consistent treatments have kept my back pain from returning. I used to have migraines and I haven't had that type of headache return. Thanks Dr. Davis."
    Dixie C.
  • "I had never tried this kind of treatment for my back pain. I always went out and got pills. just after the first two adjustments my pain went away significantly. Now I feel much better, move better and don't have to take any pills."
    Brandon C.
  • "Simply put, when I first came in 6 weeks ago, I was very concerned about receiving an adjustment. The amount of pain I was experiencing in my lower back was the worst ever. Tying my shoes and walking even short distances was a great challenge. But I knew I had to do something...anything to get some relief. All I can say now is...Thank God for Dr. Marc and his knowledge on what to do. Today, 12 visits later, I am completely back to the job I was doing before my accident...95% Pain Free and still improving. I look forward to continued improvements through exercise, nutrition, and routine visits to Dr. Marc. And I give my full endorsement to he and his staff!"
    Dale B.
  • "Don't have anybody mess with your back, because it won't stop with the one operation. My name is Peter and I have a bulging disk since 1997. My family has had chronic back problem, so you could say that we know back pain. I have been treated by the DRX 9000 and there is improvement my back and this after only two treatments. I recommend this procedure over back surgery due to the fact that it none evasive which isn't the case with a back operation. My Family doctor back home in Belgium always told me "Peter don't have anybody mess with your back, because it won't stop with the one operation", he was right. I would like you to know about my sister Linda who has had four back operations, all starting with a herniated disk. I wish my sister would have known about the DRX 9000 before her four operations, she wouldn't be considering her fifth operation only making her back worse nor would she be deal with a clomped foot resulting from her back problems."
    Peter D.
  • "Dr. Marc Davis treated me for a period of 3 months. He is by far the most thorough and informative Chiropractor that I have ever visited. His diagnostic work was detailed, comprehensive, and he explained and interpreted the results clearly. Based on this, he developed a clear plan to straighten my spine, improve its flexibility, and maintain these benefits beyond my treatment period.

    Dr. Davis also went above and beyond basic chiropractic care. He was also very pro-active in educating his patients and their friends about the benefits and effectiveness of not only chiropractic care, but other health-improving areas such as diet and exercise.

    Unfortunately, I moved out of the area before my treatment was complete. But I have great confidence that he would have achieved our goal of improving my health."
    Bryan B.
  • "I had a car accident and after that I felt miserable every night.I couldn't play with my little son when I came home after work, instead I had to be in bed for the rest of the day.When I came to Dr. Davis, everything changed the same day.I stopped having headaches and step by step my back started feeling as new.I am happy I was directed to this clinic.I am for sure Dr. Davis's patient from now on.Thank you!"
    Oksana G.
  • "Dr. Marc Davis and his staff have been great.I was having lower back problems due to an injury related to exercise and was experiencing some pain associated with the injury.I was very concerned about any long term health issues related to the injury.Dr. Davis was able to successfully identify my lower back problems and with his chiropractic treatment, I am recovering rapidly, exercising again with no back pain.Additionally, I am now educated regarding my lower back structure and dynamics so that I can maintain a strong lower back according to my personal situation."
    Dave D.
  • "After 10 years of chasing symptoms, Dr. Marc helped identify "fibromyalgia" as the culprit in most all of my symptoms, that and being without Chiropractic care for a long time and caring for my daughter.(This requires A LOT of lifting as she needs full assistance in most activities out of her wheelchair!)So, NOT only has my "spinal" pain improved, by most of the FM symptoms have also been helped through the adjustments, stretching, and dietary changes.Thank you Dr. Marc!You are a blessing!"
    Laurena R.
  • "I have suffered for the past several years from tension and sinus headaches which progressed to migraines (especially during allergy season), on average once per week.Over the course of the past year, with treatment, my migraines have been reduced to once per month.Thank you!"
    Beth L.
  • "I have some kind of back issue for as long as I can remember.When my wife met Dr. Davis and suggested I see him I was a little skeptical.Well…ten years later I am still a patient and I can still feel the difference after every adjustment.The biggest change and realization I have is that not only was my back feeling better, but now my headaches, arm aches, knee issues, and my energy level is better than ever.I'm a "chiropractic believer" and always will be."
    Ron J.
  • "When I first came here, I had trouble breathing and I would get headaches and migraines all the time.I would also get sick a lot.So far I've only been coming here for about a month and I haven't had a cold, my headaches have almost gone away completely and my breathing has gone back to normal.After getting X-rays, I found out I had two ribs out of place without realizing it and after going in for adjustments all of the symptoms I had before are almost gone completely.Chiropractic is definitely amazing."
    Molly M.
  • "I didn't really have any problems that made me get started, but my husband had been coming to Dr. Davis and to see his improvement was amazing.So I decided maybe I should try it out to see if I was missing out on anything.So far, it just makes me feel good.It's easier to maintain good posture.It's easier to sit on benches (bleachers) at sporting events without getting tired and slumping which eventually gets tiring and painful."
    Cheri Sue S.
  • "I am feeling so much better since coming to Dr. Marc for treatment.I can get up in the morning looking forward to a good day.Before, it was an effort to get out of bed because my back and neck were both sore and painful until mid morning.I can sit down and watch television without having to get up every 10 minutes because of discomfort.Going on a driving vacation is again an enjoyment.Thank you, Dr. Marc."
    Jeanette H.
  • "This weekend I worked on my deck for 12-14 hours.Before I started seeing Dr. Davis, I could not pull weeds for more than an hour."
    Greg Y.
  • "With just a few visits, I feel a thousand times better in all aspects of the way that my body feels."
    Ryan S.
  • "I pinched a nerve in my lower back at work.It literally put me down.Found Dr. Davis and made an appointment, and after the very first adjustment, I was stoked at how much it helped.He's an amazing Chiropractor and knows what he's doing for sure.He made me feel strong fast and his adjustments were always comfortable.I will recommend Dr. Davis and his crew to all. Mahalos!"
    Larry P.

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