Meet Our Team

  • Dr. Marc Davis, Chiropractor
    Dr. Marc Davis, Chiropractor, Owner

    Dr. Marc Davis is so fortunate to have found chiropractic as a profession. 'I love helping people to heal naturally', Dr Davis shares. 'Your body wants to be healthy, and it wants to be in proper alignment. When in alignment we have seen miracles such as 'my chronic hip pain is gone,' 'you fixed our son's constipation with a back adjustment--thank you' and 'my daily migraines are resolved'. What a great job that we have! ' Dr. Davis has thoroughly enjoyed his years of helping his 'patient family' live well through natural chiropractic care.

    Dr. Davis is a graduate of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and Western States Chiropractic College (now University of Western States) in Portland, Oregon. He has lived in the Vancouver, Washington area for since 1984. Besides having a busy practice, Dr. Davis and his wife since 1993 are raising four children.

    He enjoys tennis, skiing, swimming, loves reading, and exploring the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. Dr. Davis feels it is important to be able to laugh at ourselves. 

  • Dr. Mark Walsh, Chiropractor
    Dr. Mark Walsh, Chiropractor

    Dr. Walsh had decided to forward his education toward a Chiropractic career in 1976. He had found a wonderful Chiropractor in Massachusetts and he helped change his mind from a Doctor of Medicine into the field of Chiropractic. He has successfully worked in all phases of Chiropractic; nutrition, athletics, injuries from automobile accidents, children and he has even worked with dogs. This is his 43rd year practicing and he still loves it!

    He has spent most of his time in his career learning about all the types of injuries from automobile accidents. This understanding allows for assistance with their acute, repair and remodeling phases. Helping others improve and feel better with the work we do is very fulfilling and rewarding and is the reason he continues to appreciate this field.
    Outside of work he is a successful watercolor artist, plays in two bands as a harmonica player, and enjoys art in general. He has skied since he was 6-years-old and does this each winter. Golf is also a fun sport and he does this now each summer.
    Dr. Walsh: 'I wish you all well and hope to see you at the Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage.'

  • Meredith, LMT
    Meredith, Massage Therapist

    Meredith has been a massage therapist since 2009. She loves to do massage work! 

    When she's not doing massage she loves to be outdoors or playing games. 

  • Mary Burris - Massage Therapist
    Mary, Massage Therapist

     Mary attended East West college of the healing arts in Portland. When she isn't at work, you can find Mary listening to music and tending to plants!

  • Stacey - Massage Therapist
    Stacey, Massage Therapist

    Stacey has been a massage therapist for over 20 years. Our patients and staff love her personality and the amazing energy she brings into the office! She offers a multitude of different massage styles and specializes in deep tissue, allowing her to help ease a wide range of symptoms!

    She loves her family and excels at helping people feel comfortable. 

  • Rich - Accounts Manager
    Rich, Accounts Manager, Assistant Manager

    Rich has lived in the Pacific Northwest since 2016. He was born in New Jersey, grew up in Pennsylvania, and went to college in New York. He has a Bachelors degree from Ithaca College in Health and Physical Education.

    Rich is the youngest of 3 children, he’s happily married, and has a daughter whom he loves to embarrass, and yet she still laughs at his dad jokes.

    Rich has played sports his whole life and continues to do so. He has spent numerous years coaching high school tennis, plays softball and volleyball with his wife, and has even attempted Zumba. His favorite hobby is making others smile and laugh... and singing random Disney songs.

  • Erin, Assistant account manager, Front Desk
    Erin, Assistant Accounts Manager, Front Desk

    Erin has been interested in Chiropractic care and massage therapy for 25+ years. She went to East West College of the Healing Arts in the late 90's and worked as an LMT for 15 years. 

     She loves helping people understand the benefits of caring for yourself and your family.  She is a wife and mother of 3 awesome adult kids, and a dog mom.

     When she's not here in the office you can find her singing and acting in the local Vancouver area and spending time with her friends and family.

  • Josh - Appointment Book Manager
    Josh, Appointment Book Manager
    Appointment Book Manager

    Josh is best known for his quick wit and positive outlook. When Josh isn't at work you can find him surfing the internet for collectible trinkets! 

  • Brooklynn, Front Desk
    Brooklynn, Front Desk

    Brooklynn always shows up to work with a smile and a can-do attitude! When she isn't at work, you can expect to find Brooklynn enjoying time with her newly born son!

  • Hannah, Front Desk
    Hannah, Front Desk

    Hannah was born and raised right here in the PNW as the youngest of 5 children! 

    She loves to help people, from a young age she has always known she wants a career helping in some way. She is beyond grateful to have finally found herself somewhere that's dedicated to helping people.

     When she is not at work you can usually find her researching something new or goofily singing and dancing!

    A few of her hobbies include: Building computers, Skating, Gardening, and Music - but there isn't enough space here to list them all! 

  • Olivia, Front Desk/Tech CA
    Olivia, Front Desk/Doctors' Assistant

    Olivia has been getting chiropractic care since birth! She loves the holistic approach to health and wellness and is selective about the foods she eats.

     She has lived in the Vancouver area most of her life and intends to settle down here in this beautiful green oasis. She enjoys hiking, baking, traveling and spending time with people she loves. 

  • Mackenzie, Doctors Assistant
    Mackenzie, Doctors' Assistant

    Mackenzie was born and raised here in Vancouver Washington. Her favorite thing to do is spend time with friends and family and her little dog, Leroy. She loves to  be is anywhere near the river, lake, or ocean. Hobbies she loves include wake boarding, working out, and staying active. She's excited to be part of our team because she loves helping people and making people feel better. 

  • Jeannie Davis, Office manager
    Jeannie, Office Manager  

    Jeannie has been an asset to our team since it’s opening in January 2000. She is the Office Manager and loves working with patients and staff as we strive to achieve our healthiest selves. She loves natural remedies and proactive solutions!

    Jeannie has a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Brigham Young University. She is mother to 4 children (now adults) and enjoys sharing in their life experiences.

    Jeannie enjoys reading & movies, going on walks and hikes with her husband, Marco Poloing and visiting with her sisters and playing games with her family. She loves to have adventures and explore the world and have sit-down dinners with her family when schedules allow.

  • Denise, Office Assistant
    Denise, Office Assistant

    Denise has been a great assistant to Davis Family Chiropractic since 2009. She has created our logo and much of our print materials. She is creative and has a great eye for color and space.

    She is mother to 5 grown children and many grandchildren that all live in different states and countries. She enjoys visiting them as much as possible.

    She enjoys doing service and having wild adventures, trying new things, reading, hiking and walking, movies, gardening and trying new recipes. Her favorite is definitely hanging out with her grandchildren.  

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