Meet Our Team

  • Dr. Marc Davis, Chiropractor

    Dr. Marc Davis is so fortunate to have found chiropractic as a profession. 'I love helping people to heal naturally', Dr Davis shares. 'Your body wants to be healthy, and it wants to be in proper alignment. When in alignment we have seen miracles such as 'my chronic hip pain is gone,' 'you fixed our son's constipation with a back adjustment--thank you' and 'my daily migraines are resolved'. What a great job that we have! ' Dr. Davis has thoroughly enjoyed his years of helping his 'patient family' live well through natural chiropractic care.

    Dr. Davis is a graduate of Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah and Western States Chiropractic College (now University of Western States) in Portland, Oregon. He has lived in the Vancouver, Washington area for since 1984. Besides having a busy practice, Dr. Davis and his wife since 1993 are raising four children.

    He enjoys tennis, skiing, swimming, loves reading, and exploring the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. Dr. Davis feels it is important to be able to laugh at ourselves. 

  • Dr. Andrew Wade, Chiropractor

    Dr. Wade is from the Buffalo, NY region and obtained his Doctorate of Chiropractic degree at D'Youville College. Before becoming a chiropractor, Dr. Wade studied at Cornell University, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree, and played collegiate football for the Big Red.

    Dr. Wade moved to the Vancouver-Portland area to join Davis Family Chiropractic & Massage and now has the pleasure to work with our fabulous team and treat wonderful patients.

    Outside the clinic, Dr. Wade enjoys playing sports, working out, hiking, skiing, camping and playing with his dog Jasmine.

  • Jeannie, Office Manager

    Jeannie has been an asset to our team since it’s opening in January 2000. She is the Office Manager and loves working with patients and staff as we strive to achieve our healthiest selves. She loves natural remedies and proactive solutions!

    Jeannie has a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Brigham Young University. She is mother to 4 children (3 now adults) and enjoys sharing in their life experiences.

    Jeannie enjoys reading & movies, going on walks and hikes with her husband, Marco Poloing and visiting with her sisters and playing games with her family. She loves to have adventures and explore the world and have sit-down dinners with her family when schedules allow.

  • Veronica, Treatment Coordinator

    Veronica has been with Davis Family Chiropractic since the April 2011.

    Having lived in Vancouver since 2002, Veronica is a mother of 3 children and has 2 dogs.

    Veronica enjoys crafting, time with family, and motorcycle trips with her husband.

    Veronica brightens our office with her organizational skills and her warm, caring attitude toward patients.

  • Jessy, Receptionist

    Jessy is from Prineville in Central Oregon. She moved up to Vancouver in July 2017 with her son. She has an Associates Degree in Applied Science in Baking &Pastry Arts from Cascade Culinary Institute on Bend, OR.

    In her spare time she enjoys watching movies, reading books, and playing softball. She enjoys all genres of music and likes trivia games, puzzles, and cribbage. She also loves to vacation at the beach and Disneyland.

  • Miranda, Receptionist & Doctor's Assistant .

    Miranda has been in the Vancouver area since July 2018. Before moving out west she lived in Southern Indiana but was born and raised in Montana.  Miranda currently lives with her mom and step dad. She has 4 kids that live in Indiana. In the evenings she has dinner with her mom and step dad and they talk about their days and decompress and enjoy each other’s company.  She calls and talk to her kids every night and they laugh and share stories. It’s wonderful.  She loves her family and can’t imagine life without them. 

    When Miranda is out and about on her own she is usually hiking or going to the beach and she loves to read. Miranda is a musical wonder having played the violin for 12 years and the cello off and on over the years.  She also sang with her school choir and was in a band.
    Prior to Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage Miranda worked in psychiatry for 3 ½ years and was a stay at home mom for 17 years.
    Chiropractic and massage care keeps her strong for her hobbies and family.  Since having had chiropractic and massage care she has noticed a significant increase in her personal health and well being which has had a trickle down effect in all aspects of her life. She now has so much more to give to the people she loves most in her life.

  • Melissa (Spicy), Doctor Assistant

    Melissa joined the team as our Patient Assistant in March of 2017.

    She loves to stay active and healthy by playing hockey, soccer, softball, and running. Hockey is how her and her husband met!

    Together, Melissa and her husband have 5 kids.

    She is a California native, but still considers the Pacific Northwest her home.

  • Megan, Doctor Assistant .

    Megan was raised in Sandy, Oregon the gateway to Mt. Hood. She loves the wide variety of outdoor activities that are easily accessible in this area all throughout the year. She enjoys spending her free time with the people she loves and exploring new places.  Megan has been with Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage since May of 2020 and appreciates being a part of such a positive environment.  

  • Rich, Accounts Manager

    Rich has lived in the Pacific Northwest since 2016. He was born in New Jersey, grew up in Pennsylvania, and went to college in New York. He has a Bachelors degree from Ithaca College in Health and Physical Education.

    Rich is the youngest of 3 children, he’s happily married, and has a daughter whom he loves to embarrass, and yet she still laughs at his dad jokes.

    Rich has played sports his whole life and continues to do so. He has spent numerous years coaching high school tennis, plays softball and volleyball with his wife, and has even attempted Zumba. His favorite hobby is making others smile and laugh... and singing random Disney songs.

  • Laurel, Massage Therapist

    Laurel has worked with Davis Family Chiropractic & Massage since 2006.

    She has grown up in the area and is a true Northwest native, webbed feet and all!  She loves the outdoors, barbecues, and being with friends and family.  Laurel loves to gab, wax philosophical, learn, write, and be creative in her spare time.

    Laurel specializes in Swedish, treatment, relaxing, cupping, CBD massage, trigger point, and deep tissue massage.

    Laurel is the proud mom of two amazing blue-eyed cutie boys. The three of them laugh, dance, look for rocks and bugs, and make up silly songs. Together they are the three musketeers looking for adventure around every corner!

    Laurel loves working at Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage and for the opportunity to help patients increase their health and vitality through massage and chiropractic care.

  • Susan, Massage Therapist

    Susan has lived in the North West since 1998 and has been with Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage since February 2014.

    Susan had served in the military for 8 years. She worked in the U.S. Air Force in aircraft avionics and then went into commercial airlines. She has been an LMP since 2006. Susan wanted to do something that helped people and made them feel good—massage was the perfect fit.

    Susan specializes in traditional Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, CBD massage, trigger point, and is skilled in hot stone, aromatherapy, and spa treatments.

    Susan is an avid motorcyclist and has an awesome Ducati Monster. She is a spectacular crafts woman in the realm of soaps and lotions and has her own line that  she sells on Etsy.  She also loves frogs and cats. Her favorite color is green. Susan is a proud mother of her 17 year old son who is an active member in his high school ROTC program.

  • Angie, Massage Therapist

    Angie is a Native North-westerner.

    Angie has been a massage practitioner since August of 2013 and joined Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage in June of 2018.

    Angie got her start as a young girl giving neck and shoulder massage to her mom regularly and believes this is how she developed her gift of natural touch. She has worked in different settings providing massage therapy from mobile massage, on-site chair massage, chiropractic offices to relaxation spa settings. 

    Angie is an honor student graduate from Everest College.  Angie specializes in traditional Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and focused massage specifically to the upper back and is certified to provide Aromatouch technique using doTERRA Essential Oils.  She also offers cupping and Gua sha, and CBD massage. Angie is very passionate about caring for people's need for better health with her natural touch and training in Massage Therapy. She lives in Ridgefield, WA  with her husband and has four adult boys. Her boys were avid baseball players so she has spent many years at the ball field. She also enjoys bowling when she has the opportunity.

  • Persida, Massage Therapist
    . .

    Persida has been with Davis Family Chiropractic since April 2020. Shes always wanted to find a way to make peoples lives a little easier, and found her love for massage therapy because she can be a direct impact on people's quality of life based on how they feel and move in their bodies.

    In the last few years jujitsu has quickly become one of her favorite activities. She enjoys that along with being out in the ocean or mountains, going to hockey games and spending time with her husband and friends.

    She has two beautifully sassy huskies who enjoy the dog park and being the center of everyone's attention.

  • Denise, Office Assistant

    Denise has been a great assistant to Davis Family Chiropractic since 2009. She has created our logo and much of our print materials. She is creative and has a great eye for color and space.

    She is mother to 5 grown children and many grandchildren that all live in different states and countries. She enjoys visiting them as much as possible.

    She enjoys doing service and having wild adventures, trying new things, reading, hiking and walking, movies, gardening and trying new recipes. Her favorite is definitely hanging out with her grandchildren.  

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