Auto Accident FAQs

If you have been in an auto accident, you may have questions. What type of injuries are the most common? Who do you see if you think you suffered an injury? At Davis Family Chiropractic, we have been treating the auto accident injuries of Vancouver, WA residents for many years.


Importance of Chiropractic Care Following an Auto Accident

Even a minor car accident can lead to long-term pain and immobility if you do not have your injuries assessed by a chiropractor. Our bodies were not built to sustain jolts as you experience in even the slightest car accident. Whiplash occurs when your head is thrown forward then snapped backward. Symptoms of whiplash include neck stiffness, vision problems, and memory loss. If you were involved in a rear-end collision, there is a good chance you have whiplash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions by those that have been involved in auto accidents:

  1. Do I still need to visit a chiropractor even if I don't feel any pain? Yes. An auto accident injury can cause further damage if not treated immediately after the crash.
  2. Do chiropractic adjustments hurt? No, our treatments are gentle, non-invasive, and do not involve the use of prescription medication. Our chiropractor will gather all the details regarding your car accident, including when it happened and how fast you and the other car were going. Our chiropractor will also assess your medical history. This helps our doctor determine if damage to your musculoskeletal system occurred due to the collision. A full chiropractic exam will follow.
  3. What's an exam like? You will be asked to do a variety of tests to assess your reflexes and range of motion. Our chiropractor will also test your strength and the function of your nervous system. We may take x-rays to produce the most accurate diagnosis possible.
  4. How does chiropractic treatment help? If you suffered whiplash or another auto accident injury, our chiropractor will develop a specialized treatment plan to treat current pain and prevent future pain. If the accident knocked your spine out of alignment, you may be feeling very little pain right now. If left untreated, the pain will increase. Our doctor will discover things like this in his exam and treat the issues before they are allowed to worsen.

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