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Davis Family Chiropractic Sports Rehabilitation

Visit Davis Family Chiropractic & Massage in Vancouver, for a natural approach to managing your overall health and physiological fitness. No matter what your level of exercise and fitness is, injury prevention is always prudent. Working with a chiropractor to understand and maintain your health will help you stay injury-free. At Davis Family Chiropractic & Massage we work with our patients at all levels of athleticism, from preventative care to post-injury rehabilitation.


Sports Injury Prevention

Many sports injuries can be prevented when an athlete fully understands the dynamic relationship between their bones, muscles and nerves, and other related anatomy. Musculoskeletal adjustments from a chiropractor are recommended to athletes for injury prevention while exercising. Spinal alignment is beneficial to increase flexibility and to optimize the range of motion for the athlete. Working with a chiropractor as a sports therapist for injury prevention is an advisable approach to minimize the potential for injury.

Sports Injuries

Athleticism comes with the risk of injury. Sprains and strains are the most common injuries suffered by athletes. Overuse and repetitive motion, sudden stretching of muscles, sudden twisting or pivoting and sudden stopping during an activity can jolt the body into a tumultuous cycle of injury that may lead to an acute stage of pain or worse, to long-term chronic pain. Different levels of pain and injury will lead to several stages of rehabilitation that a chiropractor can help you with. Chiropractic medicine can treat sports injuries ranging from shoulder and neck injuries, back, wrist, hand and elbow injuries, and hip, knee, foot, and ankle pain.

Stages of Rehabilitation

The first stage of sports injury is, of course, prevention. However, if you suffer from an acute injury you will need medical attention. Acute pain should be addressed by an emergency physician. Following emergency treatment, a consultation with a chiropractic sports rehabilitation therapist will help with your recovery and rehabilitation.

Spinal adjustments and alignment will help your body recover from any level of sports injury. Post-injury health with chiropractic care is vital to maintain musculoskeletal health. Massage therapy can increase strength, mobility and flexibility by improving the circulation of oxygen and nutrients through the bloodstream to necessary organs and tissues in the body.

Sports Injury Treatment in Vancouver, WA

Marc Davis and the team at Davis Family Chiropractic & Massage in Vancouver offer excellence in chiropractic sports medicine injury prevention and treatment of neuromuscular injuries. Call our office today at (360) 823-2225 for chiropractic care and help with your sports rehabilitation.