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At Davis Family Chiropractic & Massage, we provide a range of services for people of all ages and treat many conditions. That's why we are proud to offer prenatal chiropractic services. Our team is committed to providing solutions that offer better pain management and mobility even during pregnancy. Find out how we can provide the residents of Vancouver, WA, with top services from a chiropractor and a team who care. 


What Is Prenatal Chiropractic Care? 

Did you know that you could get a chiropractic adjustment even during all stages of pregnancy? We are highly trained to help pregnant women get the relief they need during the pregnancy months. During a normal pregnancy, women experience a range of pain and pressure due to the changes in their bodies. 

Pregnancy chiropractic is designed to provide relief both immediately and over time. We know how to gently provide adjustments specifically for these situations to care for you and your baby safely. 

Safety Is Our Biggest Concern

We are committed to offering safe and effective chiropractic services to expectant mothers with back pain and other related pregnancy issues. Pregnancy affects the entire body over time, which is why treatment can be beneficial. 

If you're reluctant to seek treatment from a chiropractor during your pregnancy due to safety concerns, you can rest assured that we take all measures to treat you without injury to you or your baby safely. 

We can change the treatment as needed to accommodate any changes and to offer you the best outcome for your impending delivery. It's a great way to alleviate back pain and much more. 

What to Expect 

We carefully and thoroughly assess your unique situation and consider any and all medical details or information about you and your pregnancy journey before prescribing a course of treatment. We also perform a complete exam with X-rays to determine what options work best for your situation. Once we have a clear picture of your treatment options, we will craft a specialized plan just for you during the pregnancy journey. 

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