Massage Therapy FAQs


Some people may have many questions about massage therapy when scheduling their first visit at Davis Family Chiropractic in Vancouver, WA. If this is also your first time booking a chiropractic massage therapy session, we have compiled a list of answers to frequently asked questions.

Will Massage Therapy Help an Injury?

A chiropractic massage may be a good idea if you have recently sustained an injury. A chiropractor on our team may combine different touch forms to help relieve muscle tightness and pain. As a result, you may enjoy more flexibility, which you might have lost after the injury. Massage therapy may also improve blood flow, which can be important in injuries.

What Should I Expect during a Chiropractic Massage Therapy Session?

Before anything else, a chiropractor on our team will discuss your current state with you. We will ask questions like whether you have a specific pain point or whether there is a certain part of your body you would like specifically massaged. We may also talk to you about your injuries, current or old.

The next step is making yourself comfortable. A chiropractor on our team can help you to get into the right position a feel comfortable before the massage therapy session begins.

Is Massage Therapy Painful?

It should not be. Massage therapy aims to help with pain relief. However, you might experience some discomfort with some massage techniques, but only for a short time. With lighter techniques, you shouldn’t feel even the slightest pain.

What Should I Do if My Massage Is Too Intense?

If you feel like your massage is too intense, don’t hesitate to tell the professional doing the message. We can always adjust the pressure to a more comfortable level.

Combine Chiropractic Care with Massages

At Davis Family Chiropractic in Vancouver, WA, we offer both chiropractic care and massage services. The good news is there is no harm in combining the two. We might recommend that you schedule your massage before chiropractic treatment. That way, your body may be relaxed from the massage, potentially making chiropractic treatment more comfortable. Ready to book your massage therapy session? Reach out to us to book an appointment or for any inquiries. Call us at (360) 823-2225 for more information.

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