Types of Migraines

Migraines is a term used to cover a variety of head pains that are often accompanied by other debilitating symptoms. Some people suffer from more than one type of migraine. Our team at Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage in Vancouver would like to look at some of the more common types of migraines.

Classic Migraine or Migraine with Aura

This type of migraine includes all of the symptoms of a common migraine but includes a twist. Auras are seen up to an hour before the pain begins. They can be flashes, zigzags, or other mild visual disturbances. Some people smell auras, which are scents that are not there, like smoke or rotting food.

Common Migraine or Migraine Without Aura

This was renamed common migraine because it is the most common type of migraine. The head pain can be severe, and usually is on one side of the head. Nausea and vomiting may occur. Normal levels of light, sound, and smell become painful. The pain is often increased with movement.

Hemiplegic Migraine

This is a rare form of migraine that mimics many of the symptoms of a stroke. You get a migraine with or without an aura, but you also have incredible weakness on one side of the body.

Chiropractic Treatment for Migraines

A chiropractor can do many things to help with your migraines. Your spine is gently aligned to ease pressure on your nerves. You may be given a massage to relax your tense muscles and get better sleep. You may also be given nutritional and lifestyle counseling.

Do You Suffer from Migraines in Vancouver, WA?

There are many effective treatments for migraines, no matter what type you have. If you live in the Vancouver area, contact our chiropractors at Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage to schedule a consultation. Call our team today at (360) 823-2225 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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