Severe Low Back Pain Treatment

Most people experience lower back pain from time to time. For some people the pain is severe and it doesn't just affect the lower back. Lower back pain might originate from the spine, cross over a hip, and into the buttocks. From there, it can go down a leg and into a foot. Our chiropractors at Davis Family Chiropractic & Massage in Vancouver treat patients for lower back pain effectively and without the need for surgery or medication.

Spinal Misalignment

Many of our patients complain of persistent and severe lower back pain caused by a misalignment of the lumbar spine. When pain travels down the back and side of a leg and into a foot, it is usually caused by compression of the nerve root at L5 and S1. If the pain is at the front of the thigh, the pain is most often from nerve root compression at L4.

How We Treat Lower Back Pain

Manual therapy for spinal misalignment is the foundation of chiropractic care and treatment. Our chiropractors will treat any spinal misalignments with short and gentle adjustments delivered to specific locations. These adjustments are intended to return misaligned vertebrae back to their intended positions. Click here to find out how non-surgical spinal decompression can help low back pain too.

Chiropractic Care Coupled With Massage

Other therapy modalities like massage might be used in conjunction with chiropractic care to realign the spine back to its original position. Massage therapy is intended to promote spinal realignment by relaxing and stretching your tight muscles. When the affected muscles are relaxed, a misaligned vertebra is more easily adjusted back into its proper position. Essential nutrients are delivered to the area by an increased blood flow that facilitates the healing process.

Low Back Pain Treatment in Vancouver, WA

If you suffer from severe lower back pain, and you live in or around Vancouver, WA, contact our team at Davis Family Chiropractic & Massage. We will perform a thorough examination and identify the source of your back pain. Chiropractic care and massage therapy are excellent alternatives to pain medication and surgery for low back pain. Call us today at (360) 823-2225 to schedule an appointment with one of our chiropractors.

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