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At Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage, PLLC, our goal has always been to become the chiropractor in Vancouver, WA, residents trust the most. Under the guidance of Dr. Marc Davis, we have established a comfortable and familiar facility that prioritizes patient wellness. Apart from providing injury treatment, we also make it easier for our patients to avoid nagging health conditions. You can expect to receive comprehensive treatment during every one of your treatment sessions at our facility.

Achieve your wellness goals by beginning a chiropractic care regimen. Partner with us at Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage, PLLC, and start prioritizing your health and wellness.

Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage, PLLC

The Conditions We Treat at Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage

Chronic conditions are a source of great frustration for many people. If you’re a resident of Vancouver, WA, you don’t have to just accept your chronic pain or dysfunction. We provide expert treatment for numerous conditions here at our clinic.

Whether you’re dealing with the effects of an auto, sports, or workplace injury, you can count on us to provide effective treatment. Specific injuries we work on here at our clinic include concussions, headaches, herniated discs, plantar fasciitis, and sciatica.

We also help our patients experience lasting relief from various nagging conditions. Start receiving chiropractic care today and experience relief from arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and joint pain. You can also seek assistance from Dr. Davis if you need posture correction or nutritional advice.

No matter what health issues you are struggling with, you can come to us at Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage, PLLC, for treatment.

The Services We Provide at Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage

Our ability to treat numerous conditions is predicated on the caliber and diversity of chiropractic services we provide.

It all starts with chiropractic adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments can correct the misalignments responsible for your nagging injuries. They serve as effective for injuries such as concussions, headaches, and sciatica.

Spinal decompression is another high-quality chiropractic service we provide here at our clinic. The gentle stretching spinal decompression provides is great for treating herniated discs.

We can also use massage therapy to address soft tissue injuries. If you’re dealing with a significant injury that requires extensive treatment, we can help you by offering rehabilitation services. The nutritional counseling we provide can also prove helpful in your wellness journey.

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Choose us at Davis Family Chiropractic and Massage, PLLC, to be your chiropractor in Vancouver, WA. Call us today or visit our website to book your appointment and discover what expert chiropractic care can do for you!

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